The Phantom of the Opera is still a viable force after three decades

MANILA, Philippines – Everyone knows the music well, too. At least for those who were already breathing theater when the Phantom of the Opera opened in London's West End in 1986 and Broadway in 1988.

At Gala Night, expectations were high. why not? The Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical, dubbed the UK Times "God's Gift Musical Theater", is the longest-running and most successful musical in Broadway history. From its inception to the present, Phantom has beaten theater fans around the world.

In the solitaire lobby in the theater, the theater pundits and fans alike were chuckled in colorful masks, their past phantom experiences Broad Strange personalities on the talk of ghosts in Broadway, the West End, or anywhere in the world. Were angry with the note. And yes, Manila debuted in 2012.

As an analyst, it was tempting, with interest, of curiosity and personal insight, when it was finally time to write down my thoughts. But I stopped myself. I decided to make it a personal one – from 1994 he was a fan of the Phantom. And as a first timer for this review I actually do. Was. The fan theater lobby was higher than the crowd in me, but it prevailed instead of a professional review.

Famous and spectacular element

Musical is well-known for its visual spectacles that modern mega chemicals such as The Ling King, Aladdin, Cats, Les Misérables, Wicked, and Miss Saigon, to name a few.

The white half mask and the red rose musical logo in the blood are the icons themselves. Together, they give rise to a vague and romantic feeling, and the danger lies behind such a marriage.

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