BWW Overview Stage KISS blurs the lines of passion

Manila, Philippines. Repertory Philippines (REP) started the 2020 season with Backstage Comedy Stage, a live drama written by renowned playwright Sarah Rohl, who also wrote The Webster Play and Yuri Dyce. ۔

In stage one, there are two plays inside the play, and the audience sees what happens behind the scenes. She, a woman who returns to the theater after many years, finds out that on the first day of her rehearsal she has paired with her ex-girlfriend, He. This leads to a series of events where the line between the plays and the actors' personal lives begins to blur. It is up to them to set facts and feelings apart from reality and fantasy.

Production makes it so easy to captivate audiences with this inauspicious first act. The chase drama he was practicing was very stylistic, chronological, and exaggerated, which was just so hilarious. Deliberately, the porn had to work; otherwise, it wouldn't be funny at all, and the cast pulled it off beautifully.

The second act takes a completely different turn from focusing on reality. The clash and consequences of their actions were essential, which made the characters more relevant to themselves. Working closely with people in such close areas all the time can give rise to old feelings, but they are not the most reliable and logical feelings.

This is an excellent commentary on the emotional journey of the acting actors. This shows how stage plays usually go along with the whole production process, as well as how the actors play their ways of rehearsing their lines and fighting the technique of the scene. Director Carlos Seguin Riana has produced an excellent cast that has removed the complexity of the material and was able to show its ease.

Missy Miramara's acting has been outstanding as she plays such a role (she) beautifully and humorously. Miramara switches between specific characters who showcase how talented she is. Her role has exposed the pain of dissatisfaction and frustration in relationships, careers, and whether or not life in the facilities. She shows that stability and acceptance are needed, and when she finally breaks the role and tries to fix the outcome of her choice, the audience feels for her.

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